What to Expect from Pleiades® Session?

What does it mean when a client is not receiving the results expected?

During the session when the client’s expectations are not met at the end of a practice session, the problem is not related to practice. The problem is in the expectation. As a result of the Pleiades® session, each client receives the Healing, although not as expected.

Failure to obtain feedback during the session is not a matter of success or failure of the application. The body energy meridian system of each client is different from each other, and the concrete manifestations in their bodies are proportional to this. Therefore, it would be a good idea if we did not expect to receive the same or similar feedback from each client.

Through our experience, we know that Pleiades® applications allow us to connect again to the basic operation of the universe. When we realize this, we understand that the universe knows what we need and how it will benefit us.

What we need may not always be the same as what we expect and what we want. Some clients are so tied to the outcome that they focus, not on what is happening, but on what did not happen that they want. This commitment and contraction can block the process.

The effects of the application sessions and post-session processes start to be noticed. This situation can be observed when it is followed because it covers a process. The application does not only affect the body, only the mind or just the spiritual.

All this affects the whole of what we say and deeply spreads to subatomic dimensions. This is a holistic application to help us understand the system to realize that we should look at the duration, not look at the result.