What is the Pleiades® Individual Session?

The sessions are applied to increase the general life quality of the person. Our life quality includes everything from our mental thoughts to our physical and emotional structure.

Individual Sessions are administered by Pleiades® Practitioners or by Pleiades® Master Trainers. Processes are followed and guidance is provided.

A Pleiades® practitioner or Pleiades® instructor is not only a practitioner, but also a person guiding you through practice and always with you on your journey.

Individual sessions are implemented as a program. A Pleiades® Session program consists of 3 sessions, which are performed every other day. Each session is performed by skipping one day.

Following the individual session, the program can be renewed if the Pleiades® Practitioner and the Client deem necessary. According to the feedback received at least three months between the programs is ideal.

After each program, the renewal of the body energy meridians takes time.

Individual sessions are applied to the client and not on specific diseases. Since the process of the client will start after these practices, it is an important issue to continue the observation in the process.

After each individual session, regeneration takes place at each level. So far, many feedback has been received in the program. These feedbacks may be completely opposite to each other.

The reason for this is that each client lives in different life qualities, in different beliefs and thought systems.

Therefore, the body’s energy meridian system and endocrine (immune) system are different in each person.

Some clients live in equilibrium, while some clients may experience the opposite. Therefore, each client will have a different path in the process.

Individual session programs are applied to the whole (soul, body and mind) and are not applied for treatment on a specific disease. Hence, there should be no expectation in this direction.

If we can bring our perspective with a process-oriented approach and not a result-oriented one, then we can see improvements more closely.

Individual sessions are not a diagnosis and treatment. It can not be diagnosed by scanning on the body.

If we know that everything has variable values at any time, then we should know that an instant diagnosis and screening will only be based on our own mental conditioning at that moment, so  we need to know that this will be an intervention.

Individual Sessions are considered the initiation of the process required to return the body energy meridian system to its original flow. In this process, the energy meridians will have a healthy flow, the discomfort will disappear and a better quality of life will occur.

Disorders caused by deviations in the flow of body energy system, mental and psychological problems are solved in the process after individual sessions. In this case, the question of which diseases affect the individual sessions will not have any meaning.

In the process of balance of the individual, a transformation in problems and quality of life will be observed.