What is the Pleiades® Activation and Integration Program?

It is a program to follow your own transformation process, to balance yourself and to ensure the energy meridian flow at all levels, and most importantly, to facilitate your journey of enlightenment.

We can say that it is the most effective integration program in order to experience a multi-dimensional healing system that is mental, emotional and physical on your own and to increase your quality of life.

With this program, you can witness a significant expansion in your perception, cognition and awareness levels. You can realize your physical, mental and emotional problems with different perceptions and solve them.

The difference of this program from individual sessions is that it allows you to free yourself and brings a potential to make you self-sufficient.

You can draw your own road map yourself, open your inner cognition and go beyond what you know and take control of your life.

From your family life to your relationships, from your professional career to artistic skills, from social activities to your vital experiences, you can witness radical changes. You can explore the different windows of life, and you can even gain momentum in the spiritual sphere.

You can re-recognize yourself beyond what you know and limit, and witness the fascinating splendor of being yourself.

The Pleiades® adaptation program is a program that allows you to explore all your artistic and creative skills by freeing you from all techniques and methods.