Pleiades® Practitioner Training Programs

Pleiades® Practitioner Training Programs are only given by Pleiades® 3A Master Trainers listed in the Pleiades® Turkey Official Web page.

The Pleiades® Practitioner Training Program is a one-to-one training program for 2 days. At the end of 2 days, it is completed with a remote activation session arranged at the time intervals determined by Pleiades® Master Instructor.

The training program is held between 11:00 and 17:00 in the morning on the determined dates.


In the Pleiades® Training Program will inform you about the Pleiades® during the starting hours. Then, general issues about the content and functions of the Pleiades® Healing System are explained. After informing, each participant experiences the sessions as one to one by joining the activation sessions which are the most important part of the program. Practical studies are carried out to sensitize hands to frequencies. After the training process, which is started by every participant experiencing and recognizing the frequencies, the question and answer section is started.

Due to each participant has his / her special experiences and the new formation is informed and completed in the training process.

The first day of the training program;

What is Pleiades® and how was it discovered?

• Definition of Pleiades® and Healing.

• Why does the Pleiades® not have a technique?

• What are disease and health, how do Healing Processes progress?

• What is Consciousness? Awakening of Consciousness.

• Adapt to the frequency of the world.

• Quantum theories and Pleiades®

• Sensitivity of frequencies to the hands and experience of feelings.

• Participation in activation sessions and interpretation of experiences.

• Participants practice practical sessions on each other.

• Feeling of energy fields and balancing.

The second day of the training program;

• Since the effect of the first day experience and the activation sessions applied increases on the second day, the participant’s feedback on the first day and after is interpreted.

• The experience is evaluated as the answer to the questions with the participants.

• The process of experiencing the day activation and adjustment session begins.

• Participants learn to practice each other Pleiades® sessions in practice

• To be able to perform session practices in standing and sitting position.

• Introduction to remote session applications and practical information on remote sessions.

At the end of the program, the participants will reach the Pleiades® Individual Sessions Application level. Apart from remote or individual sessions, they can organize their own individual journeys and facilitate their conversion journey. In this way, they have the opportunity to reconsider and renew themselves.

At the end of the Pleiades® Practitioner programs, the Pleiades® Master Trainers’ process of guiding the Practitioners starts and after the training, practitioners can obtain information from Master Trainers anytime to increase their skills.

Since the Training Programs are only the beginning of the Transformation route, the guidance to be carried out is important.

After the Pleiades® Training Program, the Pleiades® Master Trainers give the participants the Pleiades® General Information Book. Each Participant after Turkey by Pleiades® Healing System Training Program will be registered in the Official Website. Supported for Professional Studies is provided to contact the Pleiades® Clients.


Registration for Activities and Practitioners Training Program Dates is online through the site. Training Programs are limited to 10 Participants for Specified Dates.