Pleiades® Post-Session Process

In the post-session processes, there are many common symptoms with the change of body magnetic field. These symptoms are recorded in physical, mental and spiritual areas.

Severe / mild pain may be felt in various parts of the body. This situation is manifested by the re-adjustment of the blocked parts in the energy meridians.

Influenza and flu-like symptoms can be seen. The whole body may feel pain as if the bones were broken. All this is directly proportional to the reactivation of the collapsing energy system.

Continuous sleep or insomnia or changes in dreams can be seen. Dreams can be positively / negatively observed in proportion to the resolution of subliminal records.

Feeling like time is stoped and reluctance can be seen. These conditions are usually among the common symptoms of mentally ill-experienced individuals. When the mental activity slows down, the body enters the body balancing process by activating the hormonal system.

Regression and deceleration can be seen in social life. This situation is in common symptoms. It is natural to observe changes in the habits with resolving subconscious records and dependencies. Individuals lose their desire for activities based on addiction. This situation is directly proportional to the resolution of dependencies.

Individuals may experience sharp changes in their social lives. They may end or improve their relationships. In this case, individuals depend on their work and relationships as a result of dependency, as well as resolving dependencies, and may also be solved in business and relationships.

This is the process of balancing the social life of individuals. After their separation and ending work, they become involved in a new process and their lives begin to be renewed. This renewal will be based on love, not dependency-based

Although the above-mentioned changes apply to all areas of life, samples can be further increased. However, we will not address this issue because it is so much that we cannot finish it here.

After the session, stress and anger, sadness and tranquility can be seen. These situations are temporary which releases of the emotions that have been suppressed. Even though it may seem like depression, there is nothing to worry about.

There may be situations like crying without reason. In this case, the repressed emotions and unspeakable speeches are thrown by crying. It is a temporary process and should not be obstructed.

The main point to note is that clients will experience a physical, mental and spiritual renewal in the post-session processes. This transformation and regeneration is seen when the old molds are risen to the surface, so the above mentioned cases should not be prevented.